Short Term Insurance

Short-Term Insurance

Short term health insurance is a temporary option that is meant to provide coverage while in-between other insurance coverage. Short term insurance is also a great option versus the high and increasing cost of traditional health insurance. Its coverage insure against catastrophic health care costs. It is also coverage that protects against accidents or major illnesses.

Why Short-Term Insurance?

Short-term insurance is an alternative to traditional insurance that provides coverage for accidents and illnesses, offers affordable premiums based on your selection of deductible, and is available all year round. Click the tabs below for additional information on Short Term Insurance.

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On average, Short Term Insurance premiums average 40% – 75% less than the cost for traditional insurance with the same deductible. For example:

50 -59 year old adult – $5000 deductible – $281/month

In general, short term insurance covers all costs for medical services incurred during an accident or illness, up to $1 million dollars after the deductible is paid. Covered services include: Doctor care, Emergency room, Hospital care, Intensive care, Surgical care, Ambulance services, Lab services and Prescriptions (up to $500).

Services not covered include: Pre-existing conditions, Routine doctor visits, Preventative services, Cosmetic care and Services incurred outside of the network excluding emergency services.

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Short term Insurance does not comply with the Affordable Care Act as “credible coverage”. This means you will be penalized for not having coverage and assessed a tax penalty for not having credible coverage.

Most high-income customers who do not qualify for “premium-assistance” can save $$$$ by getting a short-term plan and paying the penalty. Daniel Insurance Agency Inc can provide an individual “cost-analysis” to determine what is in your best interest.